Badlands Box Office is your one-stop shop for any motorcycle needs. It was established in 1970’s as a shop for motorcycle repairs but since then had expanded to cover motorcycle customization, reselling, and upgrades. Now the latest addition to their facility includes several acres of the professional racetrack that serves as a practice field for both amateur and professional motorcyclists. The latter is a comment hangout place for everyone who has interest in motorcycles.

Badlands Box Office was founded by Cricket Badland. His motivation for creating such business was his love for motorcycles. Not once did he experience waiting for months just so the parts for his motorcycles would be available. Since he lived in a more isolated place in town back then, this made it extremely difficult to make it to and from the nearest motorcycle repair shop just to check if his ride was already ready. As such, this was what he promised himself that he won’t let his customer experience. To date, he was able to keep that promise which gained him more loyal clients through the years.

When it comes to Badlands Box Office, Cricket is very hands-on as well. He oversees all his crew on a daily basis to ensure that everything is working in pristine condition. He double checks everything and sometimes, even does the repair himself. He keeps all his tools top-of-the-line and the best so that his staff won’t have a hard time doing their work. This makes the work they provide to the customer no less than exquisite.

On his free time, you could see this man riding his motorcycle on his racetrack. He also mingles with other motorcycle enthusiasts to get the latest updates and gossips in the motorcycle industry. Catch him up only here at Badlands Box Office.